A management plan is very crucial to have in a large community as it can save many people’s lives in a hazardous situation, such as a potential eruption of a volcano. That is why it is essential to have management plan in the situation of the Krakatoa volcano, which is capable of erupting at any time.

"Awareness of the need to prepare for events such as volcanic eruptions and to provide protection against them, rather than simply to await and endure them, has been growing steadily throughout the world.’
- Federal Emergency Management Agency

There are many elements that can be considered by the government and the people in the close by communities, to be prepared for the Krakatoa volcanic eruption such as the following:

· Learn and study the past experienced of volcanic eruptions that have taken place, not only on Krakatoa Island, but from all around the world and understand where the impacts have greatly occurred and what could have been done to save the numerous people’s lives that were lost.
· Acquire a map of, and the surrounding area or other island close by, and identify the areas that could possibly be most affected.
· Also identify the areas that will potentially be the safest place for large numbers of people to evacuate to quickly and securely.
· Outline the routs people may take, from the major communities, to evacuate to these safety zones. Then supply the people in the community with the plans and outlined map.
· Organise people from many organisations, such as the police station, to help make the evacuation process easier, to take care of the people and to secure them in the safety zones.
· Also supply a search and rescue team to look for the missing individuals, and medical services and equipment to treat the injured.
· It is very important to inform people, in the areas that may be affected by the volcanic eruption, about the possibility of the Krakatoa volcano to erupt and the organised management plan. A form of alert is needed to get through the areas quickly and efficiently, such as on televisions, sirens and other people to spread it via word.

A management plan is very important in situations that have the potential to be highly dangerous to a large amount of people. A natural hazard, such as the eruption of Krakatoa Volcano, is a great example of a situation like this.
Once the government has done all it can to educate and prepare people for an eruption, it is then the people in the communities to follow the instructions. The plan below is clear and easy to understand, and it will help them know exactly what to do if and when the situation approaches.


(This plan is called ' The A.M.S plan'. It is easy for the people, in the areas that are most likely to be affected by the Krakatoa volcano, to understand when this situation approaches.)