Interactive learning is a great way to retain information and learn more about the Krakatoa Volcano eruption. This page contains many interactive activities to improve your understanding and knowledge and to have fun.


Click on the link below to play a 'Krakatoa Volcano' puzzle:

Evacuate Kakatoa Island before the volcano explodes!
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See how many questions you can answer after reading the pages on the Krakatoa Volcano.

1. What is a volcano?

2. Approximately how many active volcanoes are around the world?

3. Out of the number of active volcanos around the world, how many of these consist in the ‘Ring of Fire’?

4. What country is Krakatoa Island in and what two main islands is it between?

5. How was Krakatoa Volcano formed?

6. How many kilometres did the ash and gases rise above the summit of the volcano?

7. What was the name of the additional volcano that was formed from the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883?

8. What was the approximate height of the horrific tsunamis as a result of the eruption?

9. What was the final death toll?

10. What is the name of the plan made to manage the community when a volcano erupts?

11. What does the name stand for?

12. When was Krakatoa Island discovered?

13. How much was the average world temperature lowered as a result of the eruption?

14. How many times did the shock-wave, produced by the eruption, travel around the world?

15. What was the name of the painter that painted the image called, ‘The scream’?